Hello! If you are here reading this, pat yourself on the back since you have officially made my day.

I started this blog since I heard so many professors in photography school stress the importance of having one. Just kidding.

I started it so that I could share with you what happens in my life, whether it is eating the best damn cake I have ever had (better than the last best damn cake I have ever had), or photographing the latest must covet accessories (JUST TAKE MY MONEY), or sharing my deepest thoughts (yes, even deeper than #deepthoughtswithCho). Another reason was this: not enough female photographers are known or heard. I want to share the ups and downs of being a female in this tough industry and the ennui that sometimes comes with being a freelance photographer. I could even throw in the label “Asian” before female photographer and then it even becomes rarer!!! I am a rare bird. The rarest of them all.

Moreover, to many, I live quite the glamorous life. I do in the sense that I always have the freedom to create, travel often with the love of my life (French boyfriend hehe), eat the best foods, get invited to some really cool events, and call Paris my home. But there is more to a story than meets the eye, or in my case the pictures I share, so I want to attempt to bare all.

I also love to write but have never really been in the right place in my life to do it. So, here I am now. If you absolutely had to label my blog, my blog would be on my life. When bloggers first start off, they are told to specifically pick a niche. For example, if I wanted to be a travel blogger, I would pick a smaller niche and just write about cruises. Or if I was a fashion blogger, I would stick to writing on athletic clothing because who does not want to live in comfortable athletic clothing?! Unfortunately, my life does not work that way. Let us explore why:

I am a photographer who just finished studying Creative Documentary and Photojournalism with the prestigious Magnum Photos and Speos Photographic Institute so I should just be a photojournalist, right? If I was, my life would be so much easier in that I had an idea on what the hell I was doing. But you see, before all of this, I was a sea turtle conservation biologist so anything environmental is close to my heart. I am an oxymoron that never ends. I am a jumbo shrimp.

On the other hand (you will need ten hands), I recently covered Paris Fashion Week and did a few shoots for lululemon, designers, and models so I am now also a fashion photographer. My aunt, who is the biggest influence in my life, is also the best fashion designer I know. I guess you could say I know some things when it comes to fashion. Not only that, I also like to pick and choose where I eat. I mean if I am going to pay in the first place, might as well eat well? So I am also a massive foodie (I am physically fit in MY terms, not massive at all) and a Yelp Elite member. I also love to cook and have completed several cooking courses so just add Chef to the list!

This past year, I visited 20 countries (some even twice!). I travel excessively like do you know where to eat in Mykonos when all the restaurants are closed because you accidentally booked air tickets on the wrong dates during low tourist season?! I do!!! My spirit for adventure is endless. And then on top of all that, I take pictures at the rate that I breathe–often (cue Often by The Weeknd). Needless to say, I shoot in both digital and film and when it comes to film, I develop, scan, and print my own work. I am quite the pie (is that a saying?). Or bird as mentioned above. I am quite THE bird.

This blog will therefore be an extension of me where I will write and share what I know and experience about photography, food, travel, fashion, art, flirting with insecurity, life in Paris, and more! I hope you get to know me better and I will try my best to not let you down. Also, if we are not already friends, we should be so please WRITE ME!!

We will talk again very soon, I promise. But until then, read my more interesting about me here, see my work, or follow my daily life on Instagram, @yo_cho.

With love from Paris,

Eileen W. Cho