Eileen W. Cho is a 24 year old (sassy and eclectic) Korean-American photographer who loves writing in third person. A former sea turtle conservation biologist, she is also secretly a ninja (95% of the time, she is dressed in head-to-toe black), a nerd (she can draw you phylogenetic trees), and foodie, amongst many other things. After completing her Creative Documentary and Photojournalism studies with Magnum Photos/Speos in Paris, France, she started this blog (and portfolio, all-in-one!) to give her life a sense of meaning.

Professionally, she has undertaken masterclasses with several world renowned photographers including Abbas, Patrick Zachmann, Richard Kalvar, Max Pinckers, Moises Saman, Stuart Franklin, and Thomas Dworzak. She shoots in both digital and film and has learned extensive dark room technique under the supervision of Luigi Clavareau of in)(between gallery in Paris and Philippe Bachelier. Her proudest moments in her photography career thus far have been exhibiting at Magnum Photos Paris and Voies Off Festival in Arles and covering Ready-to-Wear for Paris Fashion Week 2016.

Her blog covers her curiosity and lust for life which is a mix of travel, photography, art and culture, good food, books, the importance of the Oxford comma, and everything in between…so basically whatever she wants. Although she does not get paid to review restaurants, she loves to eat and as a seasoned Yelp Elite member, she burdens the responsibility to share her dining experiences so that ultimately, people of the interweb can eat better and therefore lead better lives (you’re welcome).

She is also deeply invested in fashion, a blessing (she is often well dressed) and a curse (she has to choose between new photography gear and new clothes), which is why you can often find her photographing and interviewing well dressed strangers on the streets. Her motto in life is a variation of “de libertas quirkas” which is Latin for something along the lines of “let’s get weird.” Furthermore, she is fluent in three languages.

Writing in third person also makes her sound way more important.

I hope you stick around.

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